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What does “Grace Yourself” Mean?

When starting something new, we are sometimes told to brace ourselves for any obstacles we may encounter. This journey of self-discovery and acceptance may be new for some, and it may be scary for most. However, I do not want to tell you to brace yourself for the realizations you may make, the truths you may uncover, and the number of emotions you may feel. Instead, I would say, grace yourself. Grace is about forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, fully honest, and transparent. This is your safe space. You are human and humans are not perfect. On this journey of self-discovery, I ask that you give yourself grace to be completely you. Forgive yourself for any mistakes, lapses in judgment, or hurtful behavior that you may not have realized you exhibited. By the time you complete this journal, I hope that you will understand yourself a bit more, accept yourself for who you are, be more honest with yourself and those around you, and continue to grace yourself and others.